Advertising on Pinterest and Instagram

Social media advertising options seem to grow monthly. Everywhere you look there is a new platform to place ads; but which ones are right for you and your business or product? Let’s take a closer look at paid advertising on visual-driven platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.


Instagram is a social media platform a lot like Facebook, probably because Instagram is owned and operated by the creative minds at Facebook. I appreciate the solid targeting features of Facebook, and now those same features lend themselves to Instagram too! In a nutshell, the difference between Instagram and Facebook is that Instagram is a far more visually-driven social media platform with highly engaging ads that tend to hit a younger audience than Facebook.

That being said, the first obvious question to ask yourself … is your target demographic on Instagram? Almost 26% of the Instagram audience is between 18–34 years old and 23% is between 18–24 years old. This audience is also predominately female. Second question to ask …...