Regardless of your profession, it’s good to step back from your work periodically and examine what you could be doing better. Since it’s the beginning of a new year, there’s no better time than now. To get you thinking about your 2012 resolutions, here are 30 resolutions creatives may want to achieve in 2012.

  1. Attend a paper show.

  2. Be open to feedback.

  3. Try new brainstorming techniques.

  4. Attain greater mental breadth. Research a topic outside of design/advertising.

  5. Attend a life drawing session.

  6. Attend a local meetup.

  7. Join your local Ad Club.

  8. Learn to play an instrument.

  9. Dabble with different textures.

  10. Breathe new life into your typography.

  11. Simplify.

  12. Travel. (Or at least take a different route to work.)

  13. Check out the symphony in Green Bay or Appleton.

  14. Keep a collection of clippings that inspire you.

  15. Make an eco-pledge.

  16. Do pro bono work for a cause you care about.

  17. Present your ideas in a new way.

  18. Learn some new Photoshop tricks.

  19. Combat your own predictability.

  20. Teach/mentor a young designer.

  21. Get into the fold.

  22. Peruse an art gallery or museum.

  23. Try to understand an opposing perspective.

  24. Keep a journal.

  25. Play with your food.

  26. Splash around in color.

  27. Stop buying greeting cards and make them yourself.

  28. Use another dimension.

  29. Stay optimistic.

  30. Stop procrastinating. Seize the day!

What are you going to create, accomplish, experience and experiment with in 2012?