Buying broadcast media used to be fairly straightforward. The main factors would be reach, frequency, GRPs and CPP. But the onset of social media has changed the media landscape and no one (or nothing) is exempt. Consumer expectations have changed. Potential buyers want to interact with the product, research the product and make an informed decision. In order to provide them with the information they need, you often need to “start the conversation” in social media venues — that’s also becoming more important in your traditional campaigns.

There are a growing number of ways to integrate your traditional and social media efforts. Have your ads drive people to Facebook. Ask customers to post their feedback. Send viewers to a YouTube video to learn more. Provide schedule reminders in email. Send customers text messages when they are most likely to need the product. Each tactic is a “marketing touch” and will get you closer to the sale.

Combining traditional and social media tools will also educate your customers. When they are ready to purchase, they will already be familiar with your products, and they will know what they want. Your end result will be a higher close ratio.

A more concise marketing campaign that uses social media in a traditional marketing world will provide greater reach for your dollars, more sales opportunities and a better-educated customer.

How are you using social media with your traditional marketing efforts?