Soon fall will be here, which means a new lineup of great primetime shows to watch on major networks like ABC, NBC, Fox and more! As an advertiser, you probably already know that these television shows reach a lot of viewers, but you also may be wondering if you need to advertise during prime time to be effective.

TV Ad Buying Primetime Television

Here’s a simple assessment of prime time ad buying:

Primetime Perk: Audience

Primetime shows can be a great addition to a television campaign because they have a large, attentive audience who make TV watching a priority. It can add to your reach and give some impact to a campaign.

Primetime Perk: Reach

Buying ads during primetime shows can also help you branch out to the younger demographics, who are often more difficult to reach.

Primetime Perk: Brand Perception

It’s pretty cool to see your ad run during top-rated shows and among nationally or globally recognized brands that are often times topics of conversation the next day.

Primetime Pitfall: Expense

Running in primetime television is expensive. A solid primetime show can reach 20-40% of the television viewing audience and due to its popularity, can be very expensive.

Primetime Pitfall: Risk

It can be difficult to risk the expense of paying primetime prices if lower-cost alternatives exist. If your goal is to reach a large group through broadcast, you can still achieve this with other programming such as local morning news programs, daytime programs and prime access (the shows the run just before prime time).

Ultimately, if you have the budget to implement primetime spots into your schedule and the timing fits your campaign objectives, it can be a great option to test. Then, your next difficult task would be to decide in which of the addicting new shows to run ads.

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