This Door County-based company had struggled to support two brands, one for their hardware store and lumberyard and one for their upscale home building business, during the recent recession.


To promote the convenience and product selection at Van’s retail stores to the local, mostly rural population of this vacation and tourism-heavy area. At the same time to raise awareness of the company as a builder and communicate Van’s homebuilding expertise to potential clients—most often higher-income families, many from the Chicago and Minneapolis markets—who are looking to build new or vacation homes in Van’s geographic area.



A campaign that built satisfaction for all concerned! With a “Building Satisfaction” theme, Insight instituted a multi-faceted marketing program that served both sides of Van’s business.

We refined the dated logo and ensured consistent usage, updated photography to better showcase Van’s beautiful homes and expanded their marketing efforts to encompass: local radio and TV, carefully placed new outdoor, quarterly email marketing, effective social media efforts (on Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz) and online advertising to support a new search engine optimized website. Insight targeted marketing campaigns to reach both locals and visitors. The campaign attained an impressive reach of over 75,000 potential customers, with each potential customer experiencing the ad at least four times.


Additionally, Insight brought a consistent look to the signage at Van’s home during the area’s annual showcase of homes, with new brochures—including QR codes that brought videos explaining some of the more spectacular features of Van’s home right to showcase attendee’s smart phones—plus large signage and on-site photo galleries.

Now the company has a great foundation and consistent message to support future marketing efforts! Business is up substantially in all areas and we are thrilled to report that Van’s recovered much faster than most competitors from the building recession.