Website Design and Development

Our Process

While each website project is unique, we try to keep our process somewhat consistent. Splitting up a project into manageable phases helps us to stay on task and plan out a timeline to completion. The following is a list of website development phases:


  • Account executives, web developers and copywriters collaborate to gather all of the information necessary to begin working on the website, including responses to on our website questionnaire and any additional client requirements and expectations.


  • Following the agency’s pricing formula, web developers use information from the research phase to create a rough site map in order to make an estimate on the overall cost of the site.

Site Map and Outline

  • Web developers revise the site map and create an interactive outline of the site. Client reviews and adjusts or approves.

Rough Draft

  • Copywriters write a rough draft of the copy for the site and the developers create rough page layouts and styles. Client reviews and approves the copy. Developers add copy to rough layouts to create a complete rough draft.

Weekly Iterations

  • Copywriters revise copy after initial feedback from client. Web developers refine rough draft of site, filling in missing pieces, improving site design and code, and responding to client feedback when available. Clients are provided with a link to follow along with updates as they are made.


  • Copywriters proofread the site and web developers launch the site after final client approval.


  • Last minute bugs are fixed, after using the site the client makes any final requests and an ongoing web updates project is opened for any further changes.