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Communication with substance.SM
headshot of Insight Creative's Business Director, Cindy Struensee

Cindy Struensee

Business Director

Meet Cindy, Insight’s resident ringmaster and cuisine connoisseur.

As our business director, Cindy traffics each and every project—both for Insight and our clients—to achieve a manageable workload for the creative team while ensuring client deadlines are met. She also manages accounting for Insight by sending and collecting invoices, maintaining vital records and more.

Communication with substance.SM

Cindy embodies communication with substance by regularly touching base with each Insight team member to communicate client needs as well as ensuring everyone has what they need to get their projects completed.

How she got here

Cindy got her start early on by taking an administrative position at a manufacturing company straight out of high school. From there, she obtained her degree in accounting from Fox Valley Technical College and gained further experience assisting an agency with their accounting needs, as well as trafficking client projects and ensuring the behind-the-scenes aspects of the business were running smoothly.

With 21 years of experience, Cindy was an easy hire when Insight’s business began to grow rapidly and so did the need for a skilled delegation and accounting manager. She came on board in 2010, developed a formal accounting process for Insight, and has continued to take on further responsibilities to improve Insight’s business practices ever since.

To Cindy, working at Insight means...

Never being bored because of the wide range of clients we work with, and always knowing that your contribution is a vital part of the Insight team.

Cindy's #1 marketing tip

Be a constant steward of your budget when building your marketing plan and strategy. Everyone wants the best and brightest marketing, but you’ll quickly be in trouble if you go beyond your financial means just to create an eye-catching campaign.

Fun fact

Cindy is an avid cook and loves discovering new recipes to try out and feed her husband and family. Her ideal day would be to spend a day out on the lake with friends, great food and, of course, her two dogs—Sophie and Mabel.

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