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Communication with substance.SM
headshot of Insight Creative's SEO Specialist/Copywriter, Jordan Leon

Jordan Leon

SEO Specialist/Copywriter

Meet Jordan, Insight’s resident wordsmith and one-woman animal rescue team.

As our SEO specialist/copywriter, Jordan helps Insight clients optimize their content and achieve their business goals through strategic, engaging copy for websites, billboards, TV/radio ads and more.

Communication with substance.SM

Jordan embodies communication with substance by writing strategic copy and engaging SEO content that cuts the fluff and focuses on providing value to her client’s intended audience.

How she got here

A true multi-passionate individual, Jordan pursued many interests throughout her education, but writing is and has always been her greatest passion. After graduating from UW-Green Bay with a bachelor’s degree in English with a creative writing emphasis, she ran her own freelance writing business for two years before joining the Insight team.

To Jordan, working at Insight means...

Having the opportunity to personalize our roles and utilize what makes us unique. Everyone here is treated like the expert they are. I love and appreciate that Insight is so collaborative and that our ideas and suggestions are taken seriously and contribute to the positive growth of Insight and our clients.

Jordan's #1 marketing tip

Tell the truth—consumers can sniff out phony marketing almost immediately. Finding clever ways to tell the truth in your communications and letting the value of what you offer speak for itself will always go further than faking it.

Fun fact

Jordan once waded into a stagnant golf course pond with her husband to save a Canadian goose stuck in a muskrat trap. Said goose spent the night in their bathtub until they could bring her/him to a local avian rescue the next day. Jordan still likes to save animals—even the creepy crawlies that sometimes find their way into the office.

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