Bringing App Insight to Women Magazine

by Emily Morehart | 08 Jan 2014

I recently enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to the January issue of Women magazine on behalf of Insight Creative. As an avid iPhone user, I’m always discovering new ways to simply my life using the conveniences available on my phone. While researching for the article I found so many useful and innovative apps (MyFitnessPal is my favorite!), it was difficult to narrow them down. After reading the article, I encourage you to browse your provider’s store for apps to enhance your career, home, health and more in 2014. Also, don’t forget to share with us! What are your resolutions? Are you utilizing technology to achieve them? If so, how?

Downloads to Update Your Life

Communicate better with Cozi

Dubbed “the organizing app for the modern family,” this free tool keeps your entire family in the know while on the go. Shopping lists, to-do lists, reminders, calendars and more are easily managed, shared and accessed by any phones you choose to sync with one account.

Favorite Feature: “Random acts of kindness” prompts kindness ideas twice per week such as “pay a compliment to a coworker” or “let someone merge into traffic.

Find it: Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Nook Store, BlackBerry World.

Budget Better with Mint

Named “the best online tool for personal finance” by the Wall Street Journal, Mint can help you manage and interpret your finances with ease. View accounts, evaluate spending habits, track retirement savings, set budget goals and more! Mint will also provide encouragement, send bill reminders and alert you to account balances.

Favorite Feature: Mint auto-categorizes your spending into colorful easy-to-read graphs providing an overview of all your expenditures during a designated timeframe.

Find it: Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Marketplace.

Feel Better with MyFitnessPal

The creators of MyFitnessPal believe the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to track diet and exercise activity. MyFitnessPal helps you keep a food diary, allowing you to select snacks, meals and even entrees from restaurants within their robust database and then auto-calculates your calorie intake. Also, record exercise progress, weight loss goals and join their supportive online community.

Favorite Feature: The Bar Code Scanner quickly scans the packaging of your favorite foods then sends the nutritional information directly to your food diary.

Find it: Apple App Store, Google Play, BlackBerry World, Windows Phone Marketplace.

Live Better with BrightNest

This visually stunning, informational database can help you maintain, organize, clean and decorate your home. To create a profile, answer a few basic questions about your home, and then the app will generate a newsfeed of expert advice and handy tips customized for just you! For specific questions, use the search bar, or browse any of their eight household categories from “Healthy” to “Handy.”

Favorite Feature: The “Explore” tab is a random feed of all articles relating to home maintenance. Periodically, scroll through and gain endless knowledge for making your home a better place.

Find it: Apple App Store.

Written by

Emily Morehart

PR/Content Manager

Emily was managing editor of the national cable marketing magazine delight!, and previously managed marketing projects for top cable providers in the nation. Diverse writing experience, combined with exceptional organization and strategic planning skills, make Emily a key component of the content department. Emily holds a degree from UW-Oshkosh in journalism, with an emphasis in advertising/public relations.

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