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by Molly Setzer | 04 Jan 2013

My first “real” job after college was working at a local TV station in the Promotions Department. My responsibilities included producing television and radio ads that promoted the station. For the television ads, I still remember sitting in an elaborate editing suite—something that looked straight out of Star Trek—with a TV monitor, sound board, two beta decks, and one monster of a machine that we lovingly referred to as “D-2” that required tapes—yes tapes—the size of a Webster’s dictionary. It was in this editing suite that I first sat down and learned how to edit. Tape to tape, reel to reel. Seeing how far technology has changed in ten years … unreal.

Ever hear of a little something called iMovie? It’s a user-friendly Apple video editing system that has taken amateur videos to a new level. However, iMovie does more than take fancy little home videos and pictures and turn them into memorable keepsakes. Here’s how iMovie is beneficial in advertising as well:

  1. Introduce New Product Information I’m a Starbucks fan, so I’ll use their new Verismo single-cup coffee brewing system to illustrate what I mean. Starbucks came out with this new coffee machine called the Verismo. In order for the new product to be a success consumers and each Starbucks location across the globe need information about this product. What’s the best way to get it out there quickly? Sure the CEO of the company could create a lengthy product manual, but who is going to read it? Or, there could be a comprehensive, professionally produced in-store video playing, but most well-done videos cost a fortune to create (not that a larger company couldn’t afford it, but I digress). Wouldn’t it be more effective for Starbucks to do a quick iMovie video presentation showing all the cool new features of the Verismo and demonstrating how it works? Then, upload the video to the Starbucks social media channels and reach millions!

  2. Show How-To Videos Literally everything is at a consumer’s fingertips nowadays. Need to see how to change your tire, check your oil, fix your garbage disposal, style your hair … you name it, you can find it on the Internet. To spend the time and money on an expensive—albeit professionally done—video just doesn’t make sense for some smaller companies. If you’re a locally owned business trying to find a way to better serve your customers, iMovie could be the solution. If you’re a bakery, show them how to frost the perfect cupcake; if you’re a car care company, show them how to check their tire pressure; if you’re a salon, show them how to achieve the newest hairstyle. Show your customers how to do something behind-the-scenes from your company’s perspective. Don’t be afraid that they won’t come to you anymore. Chances are, they’ll see you as “the experts” and come to rely on you even more.

  3. Provide Instructional/Training Videos How much time and money do you put into training a new employee or educating an off-site branch about new products, services, or procedures? Plenty. Save the time, energy, and money by doing an iMovie video on the new information, and disseminate the information online, rather than traveling.

  4. Offer Online Tours Depending on the day, the housing market is recovering, then it’s not, then interest rates stay steady, then they drop … on, off, up, down. Instead of dwelling on the economy, those in the building or home-selling industry can make their homes stand out by iMovie home tours. Instead of just taking gorgeous pictures to sell a home or service, why not do a walkthrough with your phone or handheld video camera, and turn it into something unique on iMovie? Put this up on your website, and it’s guaranteed to get some good hits and pique the interest of buyers.

  5. Create a Buzz on Social Media Channels The previous uses for iMovie have been somewhat professional, but another area where iMovie is useful is for capturing personal events within your business. For example, take some video from your work Christmas party, put together an iMovie video, and display it on your company’s Facebook page. Perhaps your company is attending a benefit, going out of town for a conference, or hosting an event. By showing some of the “behind-the-scenes” stuff, your customers will feel more connected to your business and hopefully keep it top of mind the next time they need the products or services your company provides.

Written by

Molly Setzer

Media Director

Molly brings years of TV station, video production and creative copywriting experience to her media role at Insight. With wide-ranging broadcast knowledge, and an impressive gift for organization, Molly ensures every detail is accounted for in our clients’ media buys. A UW-Green Bay graduate, Molly’s professional talents are well complemented by her outgoing personality and upbeat attitude.

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