Is Mobile Top of Mind in Your Email Design?

by Bart Raboin | 26 Aug 2013

A recent study by Yesmail Interactive monitored 5 billion emails deployed by Yesmail Interactive in Q2 of 2013. Highlights showed almost 50 percent of all emails are viewed on a mobile device. As impressive as that statistic is, the study also states that consumers have a higher click rate on desktops. On average twice as many people click on an email after opening it on a desktop (23%) versus on mobile (11%). Some may attribute that to consumers having more time to engage with emails when they are sitting in front of a computer, but it’s also very important to consider … Are marketers creating and sending emails designed for mobile viewing?

Michael Fisher, president of Yesmail Interactive shared his thoughts on the study. “The findings show that many marketers are providing their customers with a poor mobile experience. The discrepancy between click-to-open rates means many consumers are disregarding mobile emails. Brands need to implement mobile-first strategies that rely on responsive design, customized content and easily clickable calls to action. Otherwise, their messages will be deleted or go unread.”

Yesmail’s study continues to state that 61 percent of consumers now read their emails either on a mobile device or on mobile and desktop, with 30 percent viewing emails exclusively on mobile devices. But you don’t want your audience to only read your emails. Usually your goals include engaging consumers in a two-way digital conversation that drives any number of increased metrics.

What does this mean for your email marketing strategies?

Mobile marketing is NOT a fad. As technology advances and the proliferation of mobile devices become ubiquitous throughout society, it stands to reason as marketers we want to provide the best user-friendly experience to our audience as possible. Providing relevant, timely content in a format that’s easy to access and engage with is key to a successful email marketing campaign.

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Check out Yesmail’s study for yourself and see where your industry stacks up.

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