Media Buying in a Digital Age

by Molly Setzer | 23 May 2014

It’s Monday morning, and you’re easing into the work week. First you check Facebook to see what you missed Sunday night. Next you check the upcoming week’s forecast. And finally, you do a little research on the new car you’d like to buy. Later on, when you’re reading an interesting news story, an advertisement pops up for exactly the vehicle you researched! Who’s monitoring your computer? Is this just a coincidence? Does the universe know exactly what you need when you need it? You could say that. A better explanation is that media buying in a digital age offers extremely targeted advertising!

Getting the attention of the customers you most desire has become incredibly effective online. For example, Fancy Schmancy Cars ‘R Us can advertise online based on two important factors:

  1. Geography: Where are the customers you want to attract? Fancy Schmancy Cars ‘R Us is seeking customers in Outagamie and Brown County.

  2. Demographic: Who are the customers you want to reach? Fancy Schmancy Cars ‘R Us wants to reach women between the ages of 25 and 54.

You can even narrow your target audience by household income, education, past buying behavior, and more. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Once these factors are determined Fancy Schmancy Cars ‘R Us can place online ads directed to the people that meet this criteria. Working with a reputable vendor, their ads appear on popular websites like:

Media Buying in a Digital Age

Online advertisements can be as simple or as advanced as Fancy Schmancy Cars ‘R Us’s budget will allow.

Three great creative choices are:

  • Static Ads: A simple static banner ad highlighting sale prices might be enough to interest customers.

  • Static Ad With Radio: A static ad with a radio commercial offer more details on great selection, prices, and financing might be the route to take.

  • Videos: And there’s also an opportunity to display pre-roll videos which will play before you can view popular news stories, shared videos, etc.

The message may be right on the advertisement itself, or the ad can encourage customers to click through to the Fancy Schmancy Cars ‘R Us website.

A major benefit to online advertising is measurability. Once a campaign concludes, a reputable online vendor can inform Fancy Schmancy Cars ‘R Us exactly how many customers in their target geography and demographic saw their online ad (in the form of impressions) and how many of those people chose to click on the ad (click-throughs). Even more advanced reporting can be done to see how many of those click-throughs resulted in phone calls, visits to the business, or even finalized sales.

Online advertising continues to advance, just as technology advances and as businesses become more eager than ever to reach exactly the right people to use their product. Online advertising in conjunction with other forms of advertising such as television, radio, print, and Facebook ads only helps to make all advertising efforts stronger and more effective.

It is an interesting field to watch grow and flourish! If nothing else, now my husband can finally understand why there are always advertisements of shoes popping up on all sides as I read my daily headlines.

Written by

Molly Setzer

Media Director

Molly brings years of TV station, video production and creative copywriting experience to her media role at Insight. With wide-ranging broadcast knowledge, and an impressive gift for organization, Molly ensures every detail is accounted for in our clients’ media buys. A UW-Green Bay graduate, Molly’s professional talents are well complemented by her outgoing personality and upbeat attitude.

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