Play with Creative

by Tyler Bramer | 05 Jun 2017

Design with Passion

As a designer, I’ve come to find that playing and experimenting are some of the most important things I can do. I discover new techniques I didn’t know existed. I learn to look at things from different perspectives and think more critically about how to accomplish them. And, what I think is just as important, I get to enjoy that spark of energy that doing something new and fun brings. It’s that same feeling I got when I first started doing graphic design in high school, and it’s what helps keep me motivated and working in my field.

Sometimes I go online and look for tutorials on how to make interesting and cool things. The end result might not be something that I would actually ever create for a client, but learning the process and the techniques to create it brings new and fresh ideas and adds more knowledge under my belt that I can use when the right project comes along. Other times I’ll just jump into a program I feel like improving in and just start playing with tools that I’ve never used in it before. I’ve made many terrible graphics doing this, but I’ve learned more about what’s available for me to use and how to use it.

Basically, all I’m trying to say is this: Play with creative, it will keep your passion ignited. Set some time to experiment, have fun, and learn new things, because I think you’ll find yourself happier as a creative person, and you’ll grow your skillset even further.

Here are some experiments and things I’ve done for fun to develop my skills!


Snow Environment Rendering 3D rendering of a snow environment

Towel Rendering 3D rendering of a towel

Abstract Space Rendering 3D abstract rendering of space

Abstract Sphere Rendering 3D abstract rendering of an illuminated sphere

Cherry Blossom Rendering 3D rendering of cherry blossoms

Easter Logo Insight Easter logo

Lighting Exploration Photography lighting exploration

Lighting Exploration Two Photography lighting exploration

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