Super Bowl Presents Super Opportunities for Advertisers

by Shelly Hendricks | 16 Nov 2012

We are only a couple months away from the Super Bowl, where some of the best ads of the year are debuted in front of millions of people. At the national level the game has less than 5% remaining inventory for advertisers. This year’s average price for a national Super Bowl spot is almost $4 million for a 30-second commercial. Locally, the price is much lower, but still equivalent to some advertisers’ entire annual budgets. Before you go and gobble up that remaining 5% of inventory during the big game, keep a couple planning basics in mind:

  1. Pick the appropriate target audience. Trying to talk to everyone is expensive, select your key demographic and speak to them. The Super Bowl will hit just about every demographic out there, hence the price.

  2. Repeat yourself to that target audience. We’re all human. We need to hear things over and over again for it to sink in. The Super Bowl might not be the place for repetition, but there are adjacencies, follow-up programming or highlight shows that can help you achieve your desired repetition. High profile programming is great, but it should not be at the expense of your frequency.

High profile programming can be an excellent part of a campaign. It’s great to launch a new product, highlight a new location, or just show off your new commercial. However, in order to see lasting success, the high profile programming should not be your entire campaign. Make sure you follow up with your target audience and reinforce the message you used to grab their attention.

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