The New Insight Creative Website

by Emily Morehart | 11 Sep 2014

Insight Creative Website

We just finished a major project at Insight Creative: a new website for our company.

In my experience, designing for yourself is a uniquely difficult task compared to designing for a client. I think it’s hard to get a clear perspective on the project and hard to decide what to do because you’re so close to it. This project had those difficulties, but it was also very fun. I think we’re all very happy with the results and learned a lot from the process. Here are a few highlights of the design.

  • Responsive! Go ahead, resize your browser or open it up on a mobile device. Neat, huh? We wanted to make sure visitors on mobile phones could easily find the information and content they’re looking for with an interface that’s perfect for mobile viewing.
  • The new work section – it’s easier than ever for us to share our work, which is great because we’re excited to share the things we’re proud of with you. It’s also easier to get all the information you need about our capabilities with beautiful new photos, helpful descriptions and a simple layout.
  • We do a lot of different things at Insight Creative, and our new services page is a useful overview of everything we do to help businesses and organizations share their message in the best possible way.
  • As always, in our blog section we provide insight into the world of marketing, design, branding and creativity as well as company news. Now it’s better than ever with an easy-to-use layout and blog archive.

One of the most exciting parts of this new website is what happened behind the scenes as we made it. Working on websites is often a solitary affair, but in this case we focused heavily on collaboration. We integrated tools like Github and Jekyll so that our whole web team could contribute to the site at the same time, which was energizing for all of us. We also had brief daily feedback sessions to quickly improve ideas and keep us all moving toward the same goals.

These new tools also allowed us to be extremely flexible, experimental and agile in our design and development. This kept the project moving which made it very enjoyable, and also let us change things easily as we came up with ideas and tested them. If something ended up not working, we had enough time to change our minds and try something else, which in the end led to a much better site.

Overall we are anxious to share this new site with you, we had a lot of fun building it, and we learned a lot of new things that we are now using to benefit our clients’ web projects.

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Written by

Emily Morehart

PR/Content Manager

Emily was managing editor of the national cable marketing magazine delight!, and previously managed marketing projects for top cable providers in the nation. Diverse writing experience, combined with exceptional organization and strategic planning skills, make Emily a key component of the content department. Emily holds a degree from UW-Oshkosh in journalism, with an emphasis in advertising/public relations.

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