The Studio

See what true integration is all about.

Our spacious, state-of-the-art studio allows our team to seamlessly integrate commercial video and photography into all of our client’s marketing projects. The multi-purpose space features 14’ free-span ceilings, a fully-equipped kitchen and an impressive range of creative tools. The overhead garage door allows for large product or drive-in access. Our lighting equipment includes strobe, LED and hot lighting with enough power to brighten even the largest sets. What’s more, we have the essentials to capture just the right shot using our arsenal of production equipment including jibs, scrims, gobos, gyrostabilizers, sliders, plus an extensive assortment of backdrops including wood, stone, marble, green screens and a wide selection of props.

With our full-service in-house studio, Insight has the space, creative tools and imagination to best capture YOUR brand!

View our photography work.