for Powers Paper

A Powerful Brand Launch.

Powers Paper, LLC is brand new company revolutionizing the away-from-home towel and tissue market. A small company, competing against gargantuan multi-national corporations, Powers Paper products offer superior performance and cost savings, plus their “hook”—an innovative business model that is designed to provide distributors with a sustainable competitive advantage. Their business proposition is further complicated by the need to reach both the foodservice and janitorial-sanitation markets and within each to speak to three separate audiences:

  • End users—those actually using the napkins, toweling and other Powers Paper products.
  • End buyers—restaurants, offices, etc. that purchase the products to use in their locations.
  • Distributors—the “middle men” who buy wholesale, transport and warehouse the products and sell them to the end buyers.


Creating this company was an ambitious endeavor and developing their marketing communications no small task!

Powers Paper came to Insight with a challenge: To help them launch this company and make the industry aware of their presence in a big way! This meant developing brand messaging, logos, packaging, photography, tradeshow graphics, ads, collateral materials, dispenser graphics and a website(!) that would work for ALL of Powers Paper’s audiences—in an extremely tight eight-week timeframe—before the company was set to make its debut at a major Las Vegas show. Whew!

Powers Paper Logo Variations


We’re proud to say we more than rose to the Powers Paper challenge! By the time their introductory show opened, Powers Paper had messaging that spoke directly to all THREE of their audiences as well as all the elements in place to make a huge splash in their market.

Powers Paper Logo

Updated logos were featured on attractive and functional case graphics—a look that was worthy of the quality products inside. Packaging was developed and produced with a quick turnaround.

Powers Paper Booth Art

Their attractive and professional booth featured gorgeous photos and on-brand messaging that made show attendees aware of Powers Paper and communicated their unique position.

Powers Paper Ad

Gorgeous photography and targeted messaging made Powers Paper collateral materials and ads effective and clearly communicated the company’s unique advantages.