Social Media

for River Valley Bank

Connecting with the community.

River Valley Bank realizes the importance of a creating a great work culture and an incredible customer experience. They also realize the importance of being an active part in making each of their banking communities a better place to live. Insight continues to utilize a variety of social media channels for RVB to engage with local community organizations and to participate in dialogues for finding solutions to community issues. In addition, social media plays an important part in the River Valley Bank exceptional culture by showcasing employee anniversaries, new hires and other employee achievements.

Insight ensures that all content created for River Valley Bank’s ongoing advertising and PR campaigns is shared throughout every social media strategy.

Daily Updates

Insight provides ongoing daily updates about everyday life at all of RVB’s 15 locations. These updates are delivered to RVB’s social media channels to keep customers and employees informed. These updates include special events, changes in branch hours, employee announcements, holidays and more.

Daily Content Posts


River Valley Bank wanted to showcase the uniqueness and importance of the River Valley Bank experience. Insight created the hashtag RiverValleyExperience to demonstrate that everything the bank does, both internally and externally, reinforces their brand experience. In addition, Insight imports all content to the RVB website, so it can be viewed even outside of a social connection.

River Valley Experience Web Page
River Valley Experience Post Example

50 Reasons

The 50 Reasons social media campaign was developed specifically for RVB’s 50th anniversary. This campaign tied in 50 reasons for customers to love their bank in conjunction with the 50 years that RVB has been in business. For 50 weeks out of the year, a different reason was presented on social media to showcase everything that makes River Valley Bank great.

50 Reasons Posts