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We’re always seeking talented team players.

When it comes to finding the right fit, we’re very selective. And you should be too.

In an industry where being different is prized, we are proud to admit that working at Insight is unlike any experience you’ll have elsewhere. We embrace our individual quirks and believe it’s what fuels our creativity and balances our team. We also believe the right mixture of talents and personalities creates the best work, and ultimately, the best results for our customers. If you have something fresh to lend to our team, please contact us or browse the open positions below.

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Sorry, we currently do not have any positions available.

Please check back later, or submit a resume for us to keep on file.

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Top reasons to join the Insight team

Positive culture

I know plenty of people who dread their job and live for the weekends. If you work at Insight, you don’t feel this way. I like coming into work each day, performing well at a job I enjoy and find rewarding, not to mention being immersed in a culture of coworkers that feel like a second family.”

headshot of Insight Creative's Media Director, Molly Setzer

Molly Setzer

Media Director

Important benefits

Your career at Insight comes with more than a paycheck. You can expect all the important benefits including paid vacation and time off, health insurance, short- and long-term disability, 401K with company match, life insurance, AD&D and other perks.

Challenging work

Working at Insight is NEVER boring! We have big personalities, the clients keep it challenging (in a good way), and the work is always creative. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

headshot of Insight Creative's Vice President, Niki Petit

Niki Petit

Vice President

Creative satisfaction

With an ever-expanding list of clients in a variety of industries, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to flex your creativity each day. Outsiders are often shocked to see the volume of projects our team creates on an ongoing basis.


As the longest-standing agency in Green Bay, Insight hasn’t succeeded on outstanding creative work alone. The strong, sensible business strategy behind every decision has kept the work, staff and overall growth steady.

Team approach

The collaboration amongst team members, everyone’s willingness to contribute and the scope of what we can accomplish together are what make Insight stand out.”

headshot of Insight Creative's Director of Business Development, Brian Brost

Brian Brost

Director of Business Development

Competitive pay

As part of the Second Wind Network, we research what other local agencies offer and do our best to provide staff with fair pay that both rewards hard work and emphasizes value.

Join us in our mission to deliver

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