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It’s so much more than “buying.”

Research and strategy make the most of every dollar.

Strong media plans begin with strong partnerships. Our process is simple: You teach us about you, and we’ll teach you about media. Together, we’ll assemble a comprehensive, targeted and creative plan that makes the best use of your budget to meet your goals.

Not many businesses have time to explore and truly understand all their media options! That’s why Insight has full-time employees devoted to just that. From following trends of emerging media to strengthening local media relationships, Insight can handle it all.

Media Services

Reach the right people at exactly the right time.

Insight’s approach to media is methodical. We understand the value of research and strategy before buying. Plus, we learn from the infinite data we get in return, ensuring your media only gets more effective as it runs.

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Discover who and where your audience is.

Half of our in-depth research is getting to know you. The other half is getting to know your audience’s media consumption habits. With access to many resources, our team can employ advanced targeting by demographic, geographic and behavioral traits to achieve the most effective media mix.

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Create a specific and sensible long-term media plan.

It’s nice to know your options. Insight’s media team blends decades of traditional agency experience with the latest technology to know your options inside and out! Plus, we’re media neutral, unbiased and open to all possibilities.

TV • radio • billboard • print • display • preroll • search engine marketing (SEM) • streaming radio • streaming TV • social media

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Flex the buying power of an agency.

Representing hundreds of clients in a range of industries over 30+ years, Insight’s media team has an outstanding reputation and tremendous buying power. We know good rates when we see them, what can be negotiated and where value can be added. Once it’s booked, we’re watching, gauging performance and tweaking for ultimate return on investment.

rate assessment • price negotiation • notarized schedules • booking • invoicing • follow-ups • ongoing communication with media representatives • reporting & analytics

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