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B2B vs B2C - What You Need to Dominate Social Media

Video Transcription

Hey everyone, it’s Jennifer with Insight Creative. Every business struggles with finding—or even creating—the right content for their audience. There are hundreds of different articles, tips and methods of doing so, but what’s the best answer? Today I’m going to share the most ideal content for social media for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies.

First, let’s go over business-to-consumer, aka B2C.

If you’re a business who targets everyday customers, such as a restaurant or retail, user generated content is key. Let’s say you’re a local coffee shop who also sells merchandise. Your customers share photos of their cool latte art or a new branded t-shirt they just bought. Sharing or reposting this content on your social media platforms will encourage others to share—or visit your shop—and friends and family who see this on their news feeds will be more likely to engage than before.

Another type of content that’s ideal for a B2C business is community-building. Community-building content is about getting your customers involved—with more than just products or services. Our client, River Valley Bank, is very involved in the communities they serve.

River Valley Bank focuses on getting customers to participate in local events to help each other build stronger communities. From brat frys and volunteering to raising awareness and donations, River Valley Bank’s community-building content is about what’s happening in the community and how others can help. It’s their way of saying “Hey, let’s get out there and make a difference.” And people remember that River Valley Bank is a key contributor to giving back to the community.

Now let’s focus on business-to-business, aka B2B.

If you’re a business who targets other businesses, such as a commercial builder, a logistics management company—or even some ad agencies—providing solutions to problems is key.

Once you identify what your audience’s pain points are, share the solutions. Remember—don’t make it all about you! The goal is to provide the best information, not promote that your business is the best solution.

Let’s use this video as an example. We’re sharing the best information on what content your business should be using on social media. We’re not promoting ourselves to solve these problems for you … we’re here as a trusted resource.

Another great way to reach your B2B audience is using customer testimonials. In today’s world, social proof is everything. From reviews to word-of-mouth, people value the opinion of others who are just like them. When you share customer testimonials, it allows your audience to see what others truly think of your business. It also provides some context as to why they like your business.

Whether you’re a B2B business or a B2C business, you now know what types of content will attract your social media audience. Thanks for watching!