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Let’s Go Fishin’!

Fishing bobber with Insight logo sitting on the surface of water

I’ve been in a sales or account management position for quite a few years now. Along the way I’ve heard the question posed (footnote: it’s been a couple years since I’ve heard the conversation), are you a hunter or a gatherer?

Are you out there aggressively pursuing new business? Shooting down the competition, bringing home the prize accounts and moving on to the next one?

Or, are you more comfortable nurturing? Watering and feeding clients, cultivating relationships and growing the business into something larger than when it started?

I’ve been thinking about this differently. After all, there are a few rhetorical questions that are common among sales people: “who’s your whale?” And, “do you fish with steak or worms?” So, I think that we should be anglers! (Yes, fishing people.)

Floating around in our boats, we have a variety of lines in the water. We’re trolling for the big catch, we’re chumming the waters with blogs and other industry news, jigging for new business and watching our bobbers to see when we get a strike!

We use different types of bait, depending on the nature of the client we’re trying to catch. We have lines in deep waters trying to hook that whale. Some lines are set more shallow to catch an abundance and we’re definitely netting them when we get close!

And we all know there are different kinds of fish in the waters. Some are keepers, some are catch and release. There are trophy fish and the little ones you throw back and hope to catch when they grow up. Some put up a hell of a fight while others just nibble at your bait. There are whales—those are hard to catch—but also some sharks circling…

The best part of fishing in a boat, at least for me, is there’s always room for a cold one!

If you’re in marketing or a small business and looking to hook more customers, let Insight Creative be your guide and help set your bait.