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Reflections From 10,000 Feet

Image of holy wa skywriting

Over a summer in college I completed an internship at a restaurant and inn in northern Wisconsin. The locals had a saying when something was exciting, stressful, or remarkable in any way. One simple word: “Wa!!” If the situation was really exciting or stressful, etc., they would elaborate: “Holy Wa!!”

I have been at Insight Creative for several months, at the time I’m writing this, and let me sum up by saying, “Holy Waaaaaa!!” I’ve told many people since I started that I was familiar with Insight prior to coming here, but I was not fully aware of the scope of work that they (we) do. Previously for me, Insight was an ad agency that bought television schedules and digital marketing campaigns. Of course, I knew they did other stuff, but was pretty clueless about the extent of what that meant.

Now, after having met with many clients and potential clients, I am amazed at the depth that we cover, the vast experience and talent of the team and the sheer variety of what we really can do. I was drawn to this position, and this company, for the opportunity to widen the spectrum of how I serve my clients, rather than cramming a solution into a TV or digital bucket. In this short period of time, I have worked with financial institutions, a think tank, manufacturing companies, building groups, franchises, a business targeting teens and one targeting retirees, casinos, airports and on and on. I have planned media across the state of Wisconsin and country, developed several website platforms, watched as three major brand campaigns took flight, strategized 10% growth for an ambitious client and helped many others work on short-term marketing campaigns. (Hey, I’m even writing a blog!)

Coming in I was told we can do anything, even skywriting. No joke, I currently have a skywriting proposal in hand (yes, there is someone that still does this!) as part of a larger marketing plan in 2018. So, as my head still spins on a daily basis while I learn, I truly feel like the sky is the limit, literally…