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Communication with substance.SM
headshot of Insight Creative's Creative Director, Jay Bauer

Jay Bauer

Creative Director

Meet Jay, Insight’s resident creative extraordinaire and avid music lover.

As our creative director, Jay manages the design team, oversees visual design projects at Insight and works on various projects himself, creating awarding-winning ad campaigns, logos, billboards and more. He also shoots and edits video and photography for Insight, both in our professional studio and offsite.

Communication with substance.SM

Jay embodies communication with substance by maintaining consistency throughout a brand’s graphics, ensuring visuals match their overall message and getting the point across without all the fluff.

How he got here

Jay has loved design since he was little, building structures out of Legos and creating home designs for fun. Instead of pursuing architecture, like he once thought he would, he opted to obtain his bachelor’s degree in graphic design from UW-Milwaukee so that he could work on a wider variety of visual design projects.

Soon after starting out as a professional graphic designer, Jay began expanding his photography and video production skills. He obtained a drone pilot license and worked at various agencies before bringing his design skills, technical savvy and creative management experience to Insight.

To Jay, working at Insight means...

Working with a diverse range of high-quality people. From our expert team members who have been in marketing for decades, to our team members just getting their start, everyone brings their own passions and expertise. We have one of the best teams I’ve gotten to work with.

Jay's #1 marketing tip

Even though you might think you’ve thought of the best idea, keep pushing for more. You can’t stop at just one, or even two or three. You’ll be surprised by the things that will emerge, and even if you land back on your first idea, you’ll have better validation that it’s the best.

Fun fact

Jay loves all things music—especially hard rock. When he’s not at a live concert or music festival or watching the latest musician biopic, you can usually find him camping, playing sports or spending time at the beach with his family.

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