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Social Media can be Good for you

A variety of social media profiles from Insight Creative’s Creative Director Jay Bauer

Social media has gotten a bad rap lately. People say, “it’s so toxic or political or negative.” Yes, that can be true, but it also helps connect us in a very profound way.

Part of it is the generation I grew up in. There will be no other generation like it. I grew up in the ’80s when there was no social media, no internet and no smartphones. So, to have social media come about after I graduated high school and college, I believe, gives me a unique perspective.

Life was simple without social media or cell phones. No worrying about what people are doing or saying online about you. There was less stress, but at the same time, there was less connection with people.

An assortment of AOL CDs on a table, mySpace profiles and a modern Facebook profile side by side

The first time I experienced the internet was when that AOL CD arrived in the mail around 1984. I popped it in the CD drive. The modem started making noise, and bam, I was on the internet. Then came MySpace in 2002 and Facebook around 2006 (for me, anyway).

First, it was like a wild goose chase trying to find all these people that I knew in high school on social media which was fun. Now, the best part is staying in touch with all the friends that I never would have been able to without social media. It’s a great feeling when one of your old friends laughs at something you said, likes your kid’s photo, posts a sports take that you can relate to or makes a nostalgic music reference. It takes me back to when I met that person, and I remember why we became friends. Even though we won’t hang out anymore or may never see each other in person again, it’s good for the human spirit to feel connected.

Social media is also great for staying in touch with old work colleagues and maintaining business connections. Sharing ideas within your industry and building a network will help your career.

I have no problem scrolling by the negative opinionated stuff to get to the good stuff. That’s why I’m still on social media and find it rewarding and valuable to this day. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram to say “hi”, talk Metallica, art or camping!