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How to become wealthier, healthier, sexier and smarter in 30 days using this long forgotten secret

Insight Creative, Cmmunication with Substance

How many times have you been promised something in a communication that fell far short of what you expected? How did that make you feel? Did you feel cheated? Misled? Angry?

Any communication that begins by misleading your reader, viewer or listener can quickly damage your relationship and the trust that your audience puts in you to communicate your message in an honest and genuine manner.

Your audience’s time is much too valuable to waste. Whatever you are communicating, it is your responsibility to deliver information that provides value and makes your audience feel that they have gained something. If not, then you are stealing their time and damaging their trust in you.

Trying to wow your audience with as much information as possible can also create a dangerous scenario. It results in saying it all without saying anything of value.

For example, let’s say that you own a fitness center. You have an array of equipment, instructors with a variety of backgrounds, nutritional products and years of experience. In fact, you feel that you have so much to offer that you could talk non-stop about your business for days. A word of warning: Although others may appreciate your passion and enthusiasm, be careful that, by saying everything, you don’t overwhelm the reader and provide them with nothing of real value.

Focus your communication on one or two main points. Effective communication does not overwhelm your audience, it leaves them wanting more. For example, in this case, start by introducing just one instructor. This approach allows you to continue your story through ongoing blogs, social posts, newsletters and more.

Getting sucked into any communication that doesn’t deliver what is promised at the beginning is not only a disappointment but is a negative reflection of you and your company.

So, if you really don’t have a long-forgotten secret on how to become wealthier, healthier, sexier and smarter in 30 days, don’t lead your audience on a worthless journey. Make it a journey that will bring value into their lives and make them glad that they took the time to engage in what you had to say.

At Insight, we call it “Communication with substance." It means that we deliver communication with value to our clients. It is the best way to build a brand based on the real needs of your customers. Timely. Useful. Meaningful.