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Set in a pre-pandemic business strategy? It’s time to reset.

A crosswalk button with push to reset the world sticker on it

We’ve all fatigued of the COVID-19 message. Dare I even mention it here? Over 50% of the world is now vaccinated, masking requirements have decreased, and travel borders are starting to open. Many of us are seeing friends and family for the first time in 18 months. Life is getting back to normal. Or is it?

Daily lives in many ways have been permanently altered. We’ve grown accustomed to ordering groceries online, we use delivery apps like GrubHub and DoorDash far more often, many people are permanently working from home, and kids have adjusted to virtual learning. All these changes—and more—affect business and the economy.

While you might think your customers are ready to jump back into the pre-pandemic fray, I encourage you analyze your business and ask yourself … how has this pandemic permanently altered the way people will interact and use my business in the future? If you own a restaurant, will many of your patrons continue to use online ordering and delivery? If you are a retail store, are expanded hours and private shopping opportunities an expectation now? How about a better online purchasing experience or more digital touch base measures to continue to connect with people who no longer feel comfortable or want to shop in person?

The pandemic lifestyle offered us some conveniences we’ve enjoyed. A local automotive shop allowed customers to drop off and pick up their vehicles, pay for their services and text with their mechanic all without entering the building. It was a timesaver and something their customers grew to appreciate. One of my favorite local clothing stores added a shopping app. You could order the item through the app, and an employee would drive your purchase straight to your door within 24 hours! You could immediately try on and return if needed. I could even meet with my medical providers over Zoom and refill medications from the comfort of home.

The bottom line is, while we might be getting close to a pre-pandemic world, that world is vastly different than the one we left behind. Don’t assume your business is exempt from these changes. Now is the time to review which changes were appealing to your potential consumer, and make those part of your permanent business strategy.

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