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Six Steps to a Better Sales Strategy

I’m proud to say Insight is growing. We’ve been increasing business with current clients and adding new clients consistently for the past several years. While I am satisfied with this trend, I wanted to take the time to reflect on HOW we achieved it.

  1. Never let yourself get complacent. Stay ahead of trends and let your potential customers know about new advances that are made. Once they know they can count on you to do this research, they will rely on you. Let’s face it, this saves them valuable time and money.

  2. Familiarize yourself with an industry. In fact, become the expert in that industry and then target as many businesses as you can in it. Expand your footprint if needed, but stay within the industry you know best. Your reputation will grow and so will your network.

  3. Provide your current clients with exceptional customer service. Make sure you also encourage them to refer their friends. Satisfied current clients—and their successful testimonials—will be your best sales tool.

  4. Offer to be a guest speaker at events. You’re a wealth of knowledge. Develop a presentation about your strengths and give just enough nuggets of wisdom that attendees want to know more. Make sure you reach out to everyone in attendance to see if a follow-up meeting is warranted.

  5. Offer a one-time discount. Often people don’t know what they’re missing until they’ve experienced something better. Give prospects a chance to utilize your services at a discount. After all, they have a boss to report to. This takes the pressure off making a bad decision. Just make sure you impress them with the project.

  6. Make sure you ASK for the business. So often we work hard to learn about the company, make the calls and get the meeting. Yet, in the end, we fail to actually ask them directly to work with us.

Successful sales techniques don’t happen overnight. They are a combination of relationships, research and perseverance. Add these six simple steps to your sales strategy and hopefully you too will experience growth. The business is out there … you just need to find it!