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Retarget Your Marketing Efforts

 Illustration of a megaphone, Retarget Your Marketing Efforts

Looking back at 2014, what a year it was! We saw upheaval in national and world news … Ferguson, ISIS and the Healthcare Reform bill were just a few of the topics in the headlines and on our minds. These conflicts were escalated by the propaganda circulating online and through social media. With communication at their fingertips, groups across the country and even across the world can distribute messages to the masses with just a keystroke. Communication is changing and the world continues to change with it. Is your business changing too?

If not, it’s time you reevaluate your company’s communication strategies. Digital advertising tactics are changing rapidly, allowing marketers to target niche audiences like never before. These targeting tools can help your company navigate the uncertainty and stand out during a time when major news and events are competing for your consumer’s attention.

Geofencing has changed the way we target audiences geographically. Geofencing allows you to dictate a virtual geography when booking a mobile ad. If a consumer enters the geography that you defined, the ad will appear in their search result. Targeting at a granular level is easy with geofencing! For example, if you want to reach high-end customers, you can buy ads in a specified neighborhood, or if you want to reach companies with more than 500 employees, you can even target a specific building.

Retargeting is a method of reaching people who previously visited your site. If someone visits your site on Monday, you can place targeted ads in the margins of other sites they frequent on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (as many days as you see fit) to remind them of your product.

Ad Network allows you to target consumers based on special interests. For instance, if you want to target people who enjoy wine tasting, ad network can help you place ads on the top sites for wine enthusiasts. Sites can be selected based on various criteria including demographics, site content, article content and more.

Facebook Newsfeed Ads allow you to incorporate your story or social content directly into the Facebook feeds of people within your target audience. Facebook also has advanced targeting capabilities, making it easy to display your ads in front of consumers based on demographics, geography, interests and more.

What tactics does your company use to standout online? Share your online marketing success stories with us.